Pricing Guide

Children’s Clothing and Shoes: All clothing and shoes must have a minimum price of $4.00 and must be in whole dollar increments (no .50 or .99). We recommending bundling items and creating “outfits”. For example, 1 pair of shorts and 2 shirts. Onesies will only be accepted if they are part of a complete outfit. Items should be listed for 25% – 60% of what you originally paid for the item, depending on the item an condition. Items that are new with tags should be listed for 60% – 75% of the original price. Most items will be priced at less than $20 each.

Children’s Toys, Gear, and Accessories: Minimum price is $2.00. We suggest bundling books, toys, bedding, etc, where appropriate.

Maternity and Women’s Dresses: Minimum price of $5.00 for all maternity and women’s dresses. Most dress items will be priced at less than $30 each. Most maternity items will be prices at less than $20 each.