August is National Kids Eat Right Month

August is National Kids Eat Right Month in the United States, a national celebration that aims to reinforce the importance of developing and focusing on the importance of healthy eating and active lifestyles for kids and their families.

We’re all about the importance of healthy eating, but we also know that for many in our communities, it’s not so simple.  Throughout the month, we’re putting a spotlight on food access and affordability, and the role they play in nutrition and health.  Kick things off with by exploring the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ website and press releases.

Follow the hashtag #KidsEatRight to follow the conversation.

Nutrition education is a large effort of our Fresh Minds Signature Project.  Through our Kids in the Kitchen Program, we offer nutrition education 2-3 times per month at different schools and community centers on the First Coast.  This year we added an additional Duval County Public School.  Check out more info about our signature project after the jump.